Purchase & Sale of Walnuts Ordinance

2023 Walnut Buying Period Announcement

Stanislaus County's walnut buying period will officially begin November 6, 2023 and will end on April 30, 2024. During the buying period non-processing walnut buying operations within the county may lawfully purchase and receive walnuts that have not been dried or processed. Non-Processing buyers must register with the Agricultural Commissioner's Office prior to commencing buying walnuts.

2023 Official Press Release

The key components of the ordinance are establishing a walnut buying period coinciding with the culmination of walnut harvest, outside of which walnuts may not be purchased by non-processing buying operations (roadside buyers), and a requirement of proof of ownership in order to sell small lots of walnuts less than 2,000 pounds. Growers with greater than 2,000 pounds of walnuts delivered directly to a processing facility are exempt from the proof of ownership requirement.

Growers with minimal acreage or those with just a few trees, as well as growers allowing gleaning can request the Agriculture Commissioner verify the trees and issue a free walnut proof of ownership certificate. The three-part form is completed by the grower, gleaner (if different from the grower) and the walnut buyer. Additional acceptable forms of proof of ownership include a pesticide permit, organic registration, or a certified producer certificate.

Roadside buyers are required to register with the county agricultural commissioner annually but may not purchase nuts until the Commissioner has declared the walnut buying period open following the culmination of harvest. In previous years, the buying period has opened early to mid November, depending on industry feedback. The full ordinance can be found here.

Guide to Buying & Selling Walnuts in Stanislaus County (PDF)

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