Egg Quality & Safety

Assisting California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Meat, Poultry and Egg Safety Branch, the Egg Safety, Quality and Management program (ESQM) ensures that eggs sold in California are of known quality, origin, grade, and size. Eggs must be properly handled, labeled, transported, refrigerated; and be wholesome and safe to eat. Shell eggs and egg products may be inspected at production, packing, distribution, and retail facilities.

Egg Handler Registration

Anyone engaged in the production, sale, or handling of shell eggs or egg products in California must register with CDFA as an egg handler.


Cartons must be labeled with the following:

  • Identity
  • Responsibility
  • Quantity
  • Sell-by Date
  • Julian Date of Pack
  • Plant or Egg Handler Identification Number
  • USDA Grade
  • USDA Size
  • Prominently Labeled: Refrigerate After Purchase & "CASEFS COMPLIANT" (minimum 1/4" font)
Applications and additional information, including labeling can be found on CDFA's ESQM Program webpage.

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