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  • Stanislaus County Harvest Hall

picture showing multi-purpose room Multi-Purpose Room ABC
Maximum Occupancy with tables: 150
Room A,B, or C: 24' x 45' (1080 sq. ft)
Rooms ABC combined: 72' x 45' (3240 sq. ft

Check our room availability at: ONLINE CALENDAR

Training room center Training Center Room DE
Maximum Occupancy: 160
Maximum Occupancy with tables: 120
Room D or E: 30' x 45' (1350 sq. ft)
Rooms DE combined: 60' x 35' (2700 sq.ft)

For rental information:
Rental Agreement, Guidelines, and Rental Fee Info [PDF]

Computer room G Computer Room G
Maximum Occupancy: 60
Maximum Occupancy with tables: 45
Computer Room G: 30' x 36' (1080 sq. ft)

For assistance, please contact:
Mike Sise - Agricultural Facility Coordinator
Phone: (209) 525-4730
Fax: (209) 525-4790

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